Microsoft discontinues the Xbox 360

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Xbox 360

The era of the Xbox 360 has officially ended. Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing the Xbox 360 gaming console. According to Microsoft, the problems of manufacturing a 10 year old gaming console are ‘creeping up’ which is one of the reasons why the console has been discontinued. The other reason though is the Xbox One that was announced back in 2013 as the official successor of the Xbox 360.

This move was expected ever since the announcement of the Xbox One. Not only Microsoft, but developers are also dropping support for the older console which means you are likely to see much lesser games with support for the Xbox 360 from now on. The Xbox 360 has been Microsoft’s most sold system to the current day but now, Microsoft is looking to promote the next generation of the gaming console.

Still though, Microsoft will sell the Xbox 360 consoles and games as long as they are in supply. Also, the important part is that there is no official word on the Xbox Live support for the Xbox 360 and thus, it can be safely said that this service will be continued in the coming future. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your online games for now.

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