Microsoft Imagine Cup 2020 registrations are now live

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >

There are numerous competitions in which you can participate to showcase your coding skills and with that also try out the latest tools being used for development. Imagine Cup by Microsoft happens to be one of the biggest competitions held around the world. The competition is held in two stages with the projects being evaluated at the regional and global level.

At the Imagine Cup, projects utilizing Microsoft services such as Azure Cloud, Azure Deep Learning and more are used to solve complex real-world problems. Last year, the competition was won by a student team from the U.S which used Azure to make a low-cost non-invasive blood glucose monitor for diabetes patients. Just imagine not having to prick your finger every time to get a drop of blood to check your glucose level and for patients who are getting their dose adjusted, this is a huge relief.

Not only would you get to travel to the world via funded trips, but this competition will also help you to enhance your portfolio as you will be working first hand with cutting edge tech stacks. The competition also puts your product in front of industry professionals and renowned figures, so essentially you are not just building a software rather your whole startup provided your idea is truly revolutionary.

Along the way, you will be guided by Industry mentors who are the best in their field regarding how you can further improve your product. This is a great chance to get investor funding even if you don’t win the competition.

You can register for Imagine Cup here. You can also see a compilation of the top 3 projects from last year here.

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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