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Microsoft is threatening to withhold Windows 11 updates for users having old CPUs

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 46 sec read>

With Windows 11 being the next thing for Microsoft, the company is looking to ensure that all their users abide by the respective requirements for their PC or laptop before jumping straight to download the OS. According to Microsoft, the company will not block anyone from using Windows 11 on an older PC but the company has potentially threatened to withhold windows updates from users who use Windows 11 on old PCs.

Though this may be due to the fact that Microsoft wants their users to use Windows 11 on the required specifications or another reason might be in order to avoid any critical security issues. Although Microsoft has been known to give around security patches for its previous versions very easily it is rumored that patches may be withheld sometime in the future.

Hence, if you’re not going to shift to a new PC then you might end up using a Windows 11 where you would have to manually update your drivers and that is something no one wants or would be able to do on a regular basis. If you are unable to replace your old computer you can very well try to download the latest ISO of Windows 11 where everything has been updated so that you don’t begin your Windows 11 experience with all the backend hassle.

Written by Usman Aslam
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