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Microsoft Is Working On ARM-Based Chipset To Take On Apple M-Series Silicons

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Microsoft, a leading tech giant is constantly planning to combat M-series chipset made in collaboration with other chipset makers and planning to enter the custom silicon market.

In terms of power, efficiency, and other factors, the MAC lineup has seen significant advancements. It appears that Microsoft is

This indicates that the company is trying to take it up a notch and trying to produce the rival of Apple. Moreover, the latest job posts made by Microsoft indicate that the company is planning to create its own unique ARM-based chipsets for client devices.

The company has posted several job postings that showcase its plans for the future including Principal System on Chip Silicon Architect, senior physical design verification engineer, principal design engineer, and senior silicon power integrity CAD manager.


ARM chipset

The above-mentioned job posting shows that the company has big plans in this field and emphasizes the importance of designing new chips with a focus on both efficiency and performance.

However, in one of the job postings, the Microsoft Silicon team is in search of a Principal System on Chip Architect with experience in CPU architecture and high-performance SOC architecture.

In addition, the job description shows that the candidate must be able to build complex, state-of-the-art SOCs using leading technology nodes and must possess an ability to collaborate closely with internal customers and partners.

Moreover, the engineer would be assigned to create SoC programming models and clear and comprehensive SoC performance requirements and must have the ability to work with custom hardware and software teams.

In addition, Microsoft has also announced to be optimizing Windows 12 is good for ARM-based Silicon. The main aim behind the creation is to complement the macOS software, delivering optimal performance and extended battery life to MacBook users. The chips will be able to provide high-speed performance and greater control over hardware for power efficiency. Currently, Microsoft is working on an M3 chipset, which will work on TSMC’s 3nm architecture.

On the other hand, the custom silicon chip is mostly compatible with Windows 12 whereas, the end operating system is in process and will be available next year with features that can leverage Microsoft’s custom ARM chip, mainly with AI-centric capabilities.

According to the latest update, Microsoft has confirmed the end-of-life date for Windows 10. In contrast, the company has already stopped working on Windows 10 and the software won’t receive any updates going forward.

Since Microsoft is in charge of the details, it’s too early to draw firm conclusions. As the market leader in custom chips, Apple is getting ready to introduce its third-generation chip with increased performance and longer battery life.

For A Decade, Microsoft Has Been Developing ARM

After reviewing the job postings by the company, Microsoft is certainly no stranger to ARM. As the company and already used such chips in some surface releases over the years.

The company has also prepared developers for a more ARM-based future in collaboration with Windows Dev Kit 2023.

Moreover, it has also created a Windows 11 version for ARM systems. Though, there was no official support for Apple Silicon systems to operate it directly.


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