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After Google And Microsoft, Alibaba Introduces Its ChatGPT Rival :Tongyi Qianwen

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Alibaba, an e-commerce giant, has launched its chatbot Tongyi Qianwen to facilitate its customers. The company aims to enable its customers to build customised large language models.

Tongyi Qianwen is an AI-powered large language model that functions similarly to chatGPT

The company plans first to connect it to DingTalk, Alibaba’s messaging app and later use it for summarising meeting notes.

It also plans to connect it with Alibaba’s voice assistant Tamll Genie.

On Tuesday, Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company, unveiled its creation of a chatbot which functions similarly to chatGPT. The company has launched the chatbot to integrate all of the company’s business applications on one platform soon.


Moreover, once we connect it with DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app. It will later be used to summarise the meeting notes, draft business proposals, and write emails.

The company has also planned to add it to Tmall Genie, Alibaba’s voice assistant.
Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba, stated, “We are at the technological watershed moment driven by generative AI and cloud computing. Businesses across all sectors have started to embrace intelligence transformation to stay ahead of the game”.

The largest e-commerce company, Alibaba Cloud, plans to open Tongyi Qianwen for its customers to facilitate them and help them build their language models.

Since the launch of chatGPT l, created by OpenAI, has established a new sensation of creating new content from past data. In morning trade, the share of Alibaba rose nearly 3%.

Hence, many companies are now trying to create chatbots to facilitate their employees and customers and make their tasks more accessible and productive. The new advanced chatGPT helps employees get the best results quickly.

In addition, Tongyi Qianwen depends on Tongyi, Alibaba’s proprietary pre-trained model framework that unifies various AI models. Another largest tech corporation, Microsoft, employs chatGPT’s technology foundation, GPT-4, to boost Bing search results.

Moreover, with Chinese and English capabilities, the model has planned to first deploy on DingTalk. The largest e-commerce company and the most prominent tech giant didn’t present any live demonstration of the new bot at its annual Cloud Summit in Beijing.

On the other hand, Baidu unveiled its new chatbot rival, Ernie Bot, at its conference. Some governments have expressed their views and concerns about the potential drawbacks of chatGPT, including copyright infringement and privacy issues.

In addition, Alibaba’s cloud is China’s largest provider of public cloud services in revenue. Besides Tongyi Qianwen, Zhang states that he hopes there will be more foundation models jointly by the company with research institutes, universities and other industries in Alibaba’s Cloud platform.

According to Zhang, “We always believe in the saying that the imagination of one person of one company is always limited”. In addition, he also said that “in the face of the great era of artificial intelligence, all enterprises and individuals should participate. In this way, we can bring the unlimited potential of intelligence to its fullest potential”.

Tongyi Qianwen will soon come to the public and currently is only available to Alibaba’s Chinese enterprise customers for beta testing.

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