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Microsoft selects Student Partners from Universities across Pakistan

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Microsoft has selected Student Partners from different universities across Pakistan. Microsoft Student partners not only are the ambassadors of Microsoft technologies in their respective universities but also get a chance to represent their campuses on a platform like Microsoft.

“Today is the happiest day of my life. It’s like a dream come true. I have been struggling hard to get to the position that I just achieved”, says a newly selected Microsoft Student Partner (MSP).

Microsoft Pakistan announced its selected student partners from various universities of Pakistan on September 9.

Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) is not a local initiative, but a global program offered by the prestigious Microsoft. The program selects MSP’s from over 100 countries including Pakistan. Students have to go through a rigorous and highly competitive process of selection to get shortlisted for this program. Microsoft particularly targets students studying IT field for this program but of course, students studying other subjects but with great interest in technology outside the classes also are considered.

The program primarily aims to enable students on emerging technologies and make them technical leaders in academic space. It offers tools and technologies that not only cover Microsoft technologies suite but also has a good blend of offerings to harness open source. Microsoft also provides free MSDN subscription as well as Free Microsoft Azure services to enable students to learn, build and train other students who are also provided with certain Free Azure services under DreamSpark.

Microsoft Student Partners work in close proximity with the Microsoft Officials to arrange training sessions delivered by Microsoft mentors, running workshops and hackathons, holding tech events, workshops and boot camps at their campuses, growing a community of students and IT geeks in their institutions, and working closely with Microsoft personnel on various other programs that vary country to country depending upon particular requirement of the local echo system.

In Pakistan, more than 550 students from various universities of Pakistan submitted their resumes. More than 300 students from all over the country were shortlisted for the interview, depending upon their resumes. Around 100 students made it to the final list announced in September.

Microsoft in Pakistan is working to promote its technologies in all the universities of Pakistan and loading the students with resources that are high in demand in market.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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