Mountain Dew launches Pakistan’s biggest gaming championship, Dew Gamers Arena

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Pakistan’s gaming community has been thriving over the past few years, yet there are limited avenues for Pakistani gamers to showcase their mettle. Gaming in the country has been restricted to gaming dens and small-scale championships that happen sporadically in colleges and universities.

To provide recognition and platform for the striving gamers of Pakistan, Mountain Dew is aspiring to change the format of gaming in the country. The beverage company has set up the stage for Mountain Dew Gamers Arena, the biggest ever gaming championship of Pakistan.

In a star-studded launch on October 3rd, Gamers Arena was launched with the collaboration of ESL, an international gaming giant. Mountain Dew will conduct the championship that will span across three months. Known for bringing unique and exhilarating experiences for Pakistani adventure seekers, Gamers Arena is the newest adventure of Mountain Dew and a contribution to the local gaming community.

Gamers Arena will attract top gamers across Pakistan to compete in CS: GO and Dota2 for PKR 1 million and the crown to be the Best Gaming Team of Pakistan. Mountain Dew will provide a platform for passionate gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills and represent Pakistan globally in the competitive field.

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena is an opportunity for Pakistani gamers to not only showcase their talent but also to gain recognition on a global gaming field. Participation in the championship will build the confidence of local gamers to compete in international championships.

The registration for Gamers Arena is now open and all the details can be found here.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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