Mujhe Bhot Garmi Lag Rahi Hai! –’s New Marketing Tactic

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June 14, 2014
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With a title as, ahem, catchy as “Mayn Ghar Mayn Aata Gundti Hoon”, you could probably catch anybody’s attention and that’s exactly what is hoping for. The online store has definitely sat down and revised its marketing policy because most users’ inboxes have been flooded with emails that come with attention grabbing, completely different and somewhat shocking titles. These emails then go on to advertise a related offer.

Advertising has always been a serious issue and in recent days it has become more difficult with users easily discarding uninteresting ads, ignoring website newsletters and using tools such as adblock. This in turn encourages organizations to come up with new methodologies to attract user attention but is clearly upto something new. You probably haven’t seen such advertisements before.

The best part? You can’t tell right away that is responsible for these nefarious emails. These are personalized emails from unknown individual (usually Pakistani females) and some really trust-worthy email IDs ( who claim to know exactly what you need.

What do you think of’s latest attempt to sell its products to you? Love it or Hate it, it surely makes you click!

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  • Interesting catch. I have been getting similar emails from Symbiosis even though I never subscribed to it and it makes me unhappy and not want to buy their things 🙂

  • smsulari

    I think today’s market is all about relevancy from $400 Billion Google to a small ecommerce store everyone is struggling for relevancy. Putting relevant content for the relevant audience to increase sales or gain goal achievement. However most of the time in Pakistan and India people are more focused towards increasing Reach of message rather relevancy of message in hope to get more conversions.
    Being a consultant I always discuss with my clients do you need 500,000 traffic and £10,000 sales or 200,000 traffic with £20,000 sales?
    Guess what the answer is £20,000 sales with 800,000 Traffic /sessions.

    Yes businesses are always greedy but now a days irrelevancy comes up with the cost. Most of the times panada penalty, increased bounce rate, increase in unsubscriptions.

  • Zubair Naeem Paracha

    This IMO would backfire. I would never buy product from a company that spams my inbox.

  • Anon

    This is lame Symbios, come up with something better.

  • Farhan

    True that, It violates the international CAN-SPAM law in many ways. CAN-SPAM act allows sending unsolicited messages as long as the subject is not misleading, the mail/message contains contact details of the sender and (if I recall correctly) the receiver can unsubscribe from the messages.