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SpaceX spacecraft splashed in Pacific with important data

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The SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft which contained important data on studies of different events in space, dipped into the Pacific Ocean, the southwest of Baja California, on Friday.

A cargo spacecraft which contained more than 3,000 pounds of cargo, including science and technology demonstration samples from the International Space Station (ISS) crashed into the water. A ship will be used to take spacecraft to the harbor, where the cargo will be unloaded. The Cargo will be sent to NASA while the SpaceX’s Dragon will be taken to the SpaceX facility in Texas.

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The cargo contained important research data, which included research work on the Heart Cell study, the study of the effects of micro-gravity on human heart cells, The data was to be used in the study of heart diseases, the development of medicinal drugs, and the heart cell replacement therapy.

The cargo also contains research work from Mouse Epigenetics was also included, which was to throw light on the change in DNA of mouse’s offspring after its one month stay in Space. Samples from Multi-Omics experiment were also included in the cargo.

Source —NASA

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