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Over 8,500 Students Trained Under National Freelance Training Program

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication initiated the National Freelance Training Program across the country to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan.
Around 20 centres came into being under the National Freelance Training Program. The centres are specifically to facilitate the students to learn IT courses and to train them for their professional development.
Up till now, 8,647 graduates got training through International standard certified IT courses. The institute aims to train individuals and make them solid pillars for the country.
According to an official of the Ministry of IT, students can contribute to the country’s economy by earning $23 million through freelancing after training with these training programs.


In addition, he also said that “during the year 2022, around 1,638 new IT companies registered with Pakistan Software Export Board(PSEB), while 761 call centres and 1,463 freelancers were also registered with the PSEB”.

Furthermore, he also added that the ministry was establishing specialized incubation centres in agriculture and textile, including aerospace technology, gaming and animation, to create more businesses in these areas and boost exports.

However, he also claimed that Ignite was starting an accelerator program so that early-age startups could sustain their businesses.
Ignite is collaborating with International partners like plug&play, orbit, DMZ, 500 global and hub 71 to expose the local startup ecosystem to international investors.
Around 33 million people enrolled for freelance courses under the Digi Skills program of Ignite, which is 75% more than the target.

According to the sources, by June 2022, the freelancers trained by Digi skills will have earned a handsome amount of $290 million, adding to the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

Though freelancing is a great way to be your boss, a freelancer can work from anywhere and anytime. Freelance courses help you monetize your learnings and bring experience to good use.

Recently, NFTP has announced admissions in freelance courses 2023 for the batch to empower the youth and create opportunities throughout Pakistan.
The government and private sectors need more resources, and sound professionals find it challenging to get a good job. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity for jobless people searching for suitable options.

Programs offered by the institute are the best way to engage yourself in learning new advanced skills to earn money.

It is free; you need an internet connection and use your time to strengthen your future.

There are three basic categories of NFTP in which multiple freelance training programs are listed.

It offers technical courses, content marketing & advertising, and creative designing. Individuals can enjoy fruitful results by sitting at home and earning a lot.

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