NetSol Technologies to host second hackathon event Throw-a-thon at LUMS

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Throw a thon

Pakistan’s premier software company, NetSol Technologies has today announced that they will be hosting the 2nd Throw-a-thon, a hackathon event, at LUMS University in Lahore, Pakistan. Throw-a-thon was organized for the first time last year, around the sam time. Just a few weeks ago, NetSol signed a huge deal with an International 3D maps and virtual reality company, eeGeo. This year’s hackathon is furthering NetSol’s ambition to make Pakistan a virtual reality powerhouse and continuing to foster the tech ecosystem.

Throw-a-thon and its sponsors are offering larger cash prizes and incubation opportunities.

“Last year’s response was tremendous; we brought together the young and bright Pakistani entrepreneurs who had yet to be heard. We want to promote collaboration and peace through technology, so we are reaching out to a larger audience. Throw-a-thon is an initiative to open doors for those who will be in charge of shaping our future.” said Faizaan Ghauri, founder of Throw, while speaking with TechJuice.

Just like any hackathon competition, participants will have to pitch their ideas which must be related to Technology, Software, and/or Virtual Reality. The winning teams selected will be given three days to build out their ideas utilizing the Throw-a-thon resources provided including guidance from industry leaders, development kits, and startup tools. The top runners are given awards totaling more than $10,000 and an opportunity to partner with NetSol`s own incubation tank, Nspire to bring their ideas to life as marketable products.

Faizaan added, “Last year’s overwhelming response shows us that there is a massive appetite for these events. Many young individuals who participate find that their revolutionary ideas can benefit hugely from these kickstarting initiatives. NetSol has recently started a joint venture with a 3D mapping company, eeGeo and we are looking for innovative new ways to augment that side of our business, particularly in Virtual Reality. I’m confident that we will come across exciting new concepts this year as well, which NetSol, with its strong expertise and grounding in Information Technology can help groom and polish. This is a very effective way for us to do our part in refining and promoting the IT industry in this country.”

Hackathons are a great way to bring people together for a limited time and develop something out of the box. Some of the world’s famous startups were prototyped first at hackathons event. In Pakistan too, hackathons have played a huge role in getting a few startups off the ground. Such events are also a great way to meet mentors, prospective cofounders for your next venture or even investors.

The official date of the event is 3rd to 5th June. To register for Throw-a-thon, click here:

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