New Firefox Launch Event Happened in Lahore

By Nada Zain on
May 14, 2014
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Last weekend, on 10th of May, Mozilla Pakistan held a Firefox event at Beaconhouse National University. The purpose of the event was to bring together Mozillians to celebrate the Firefox and to talk about some upcoming projects.

The event host was Talaal Burny. It comprised of different people taking the stage to talk about a variety Mozilla technologies, services, development methods, experiences and how people can contribute to Mozilla. This covered the Lightbeam, Firefox OS, unveiling of the latest Firefox version, talk about an Urdu localized version of Firefox that’s in the pipeline by Mozilla Pakistan, Mozilla Students Ambassador Program, Firefox Add-ons, Webmaker and AppMaker among other topics. The Mozilla speakers and presenters included Asad Sajjad , Fawad Hassan, Huda Sarfaraz , Shahmir Khan, Muhammad Mehmood Ali, Muhammad Hassan Ahmad and some others.
These informative talks were sandwiched by some Q&A sessions and interactive activities like trivia questions and other challenges.

Such events are really instrumental in bringing techies and like minded people on a common platform to discuss and contribute in technology and it’s advancement. Arrangements like these really help promote and grow the Pakistani community of techies and developers. We hope to see more tech-related events like this happening in Pakistan.

Photo Credit: Farooq Saleemi

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