New navigation bar rolling out on the YouTube app for Android

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari · 1 min read>

YouTube app for Android is destined to get a new navigation bar along with many new features. The navigation bar will be located at the bottom of the app.

The new navigation bar will be divided into four parts namely Home, Trending, Subscriptions, and Library. In the Home section, all the videos on YouTube will be located here. Each time the app is launched, the Home section will be the default section. In the Trending section, one will find the recent most watched videos on YouTube. At the top of the Trending section will be other categories namely ‘Music’, ‘Live’, ‘Gaming’, and ‘News’ each of which will have its trending videos.

The Subscriptions section lists all the latest videos from the channels one has subscribed to. At the top of this section are icons for the specific channels one has subscribed to.

The Library section is the last on the right of the app. This section has all the content associated with the user. This is the section with bought videos, purchased videos, saved videos, and others.

The library section is a new take on familiar content given that it separates the previous content about the user into two sections. While this section has all the video content, the settings and account info have been moved to the top-right corner of the app in a profile icon.

The new changes in the user interface harmonize the settings in the other variants of the YouTube app such as YouTube Music.

This change in the look of the app makes it easy to access. And users will find it useful to enjoy the new app with the new features which have a focus on improving usability.