New tools in Prezi make online teaching even more exciting

Written by Talha Ikram ·  58 sec read >

Prezi has always been introducing new and unorthodox new features to help you make presentations that will wow your audience. It allows you to make your presentations in the form of an animated map that you can explore. Prezi also added the option to add live or recorded videos into presentations.

Prezi has now added two new features to facilitate educators. The first feature i.e. Video in Video allows you to place a pre-recorded video right next to you during a live stream just like you see in popular streams on YouTube etc. which usually takes a lot of editing skills. This is a very handy feature especially for teachers who want to make their sessions interactive by showing their students live demos etc.

The second feature is screen sharing which lets you switch between your live video to your desktop and this can incorporate the previous feature as well. You can see it in the demonstration below!

There is also a gesture control feature present in Prezi Video. The feature uses Computer Vision (CV) algorithms on footage captured from your webcam to analyze where your hands are. This allows you to generate a required visual on the screen by making the appropriate gesture.


Prezi already has more than 100 million users. These features are intended for educators as Prezi looks to widen their user base in this COVID-era as most of the teaching methods have shifted online. Prezi also allows direct integration with platforms like MS Teams so if you haven’t already used this tool, it may a great time to start!

Image Source: Pinterest, Venturebeat