Newly introduced Audi A8 is a semi-autonomous car with lasers and foot massagers

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Audi has introduced its first ever semi-autonomous car with Level 3 autonomy that can self drive up to 60km/hr, make its way out from a gridlock traffic jam, self park and more.

The semi-autonomous car, from the German automaker, has the ability to self drive up to a speed limit of 60km/hr giving enough room to the driver to check their emails and browse YouTube on the car’s built-in infotainment system. The car comes with updated electronic suspensions, and a new infotainment system to assist the driver in the first of its kind L3 autonomous car.

The car is very different from the previous cars that had the autonomous cruise-control options. This car can even navigate itself in a traffic jam unlike the cruise-controlled cars that just had limited functionality of following lines at a constant speed. The car can start itself from parking on its own and steer itself to the destination by actively accelerating and decelerating as required that too without any input from the driver.


To assist in self driving, the car has been equipped with many sensors notably a radar and the ultrasonic sensors along with the cameras. Audi has also become the first auto maker to employ laser sensors. The car would be able to park itself automatically, without any need of driver. Audi has also put feet massagers for the passengers sitting at the rear seats.

Even with all the aforementioned high technology stuff, the Audi A8 hasn’t achieved full autonomy. The Level 3 of Autonomy that this car bolsters requires the driver to be ready to assume the control when required which means that driver can’t sleep while onboard. The car is powered by Audi AI which manages to keep the car on the go in rush filled urban areas and the motorways alike. Audi will, however, modify the autonomy of cars made in-lining it with the respective legislations of different countries.

The electronic suspensions on the car have also been made smart. The car scans the road, predicting what way the suspension should go. The all-wheel steering will further improve the stability of the car giving far smoother rides, the company has claimed.

The car will be put up for sales this year, starting Germany for expected prices more than USD 100,000.

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