NITB’s Pak Nigehban app helps you find available hospital beds and ventilators

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The National Information and Technology Board’s Pak Nigehban app aims to serve as a national emergency response during these times of crisis. It allows its users to avail a whole host of services and vital information that comes in handy, especially when dealing with COVID-19 issues.

Users can easily locate the nearest hospitals with available beds or ventilators. They can also figure out which facilities are offering coronavirus tests. This is important information not just for people who urgently need to get tested, but also for students and workers all over Pakistan who are now required by their respective organizations to undergo COVID-19 testing. There is an undeniable hassle involved in finding available testing facilities, but Pak Nigehban avoids that hassle by bringing all the necessary information on a single platform.

When a user clicks on “Hospital/Lab” widget, the application picks the current location by GPS and points out all pinned hospitals and PCR testing labs in the vicinity on a map. The interactive map is linked with Google Maps and provides you with the direction of the labs as well.

The app has essentially been developed for two types of users: Citizens and Health Officers.
Citizens and easily view availability of beds and ventilators in Covid-19 facilitation provided defined hospitals and laboratories all over Pakistan. Health inspector have access to login into the app and supplement Covid-19 patient.

You may download the app here.

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