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Some NoteWorthy Innovations At Google

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When it comes to innovation, Google sure know their way around. The amount of research and development that is done by this company alone, if brought to real life, can bring a change for humanity. When it comes to innovation, sky is the limit for Google, quite literally. We recently wrote how Google has acquired the Nest team and what will now be expected of Google to bring about a revolution in the IoT field.
Many of Google products are well ahead of their time. Google glass for instance is a device that is probably missing some “in-between” wearable computing experience much like the Pebble or iWatch (which does not even exist, probably) or the SmartWatch from Samsung. That would have created a much more smooth transition for the users. But being ahead of time does not necessarily mean that the product will not be a breakthrough. However Glass is not the only one of Google’s innovative products: here are some interesting Innovations At Google you should be aware of:

1. Driverless Cars: Sebastian Thrun of Stanford (at that time), the scientist behind the marvelous first ever self-driving vehicle in the grand DARPA challenge has been working at Google on amazing projects like Street View Self-driving Car, Google Street View and Google Glass. Google’s self-driving cars are getting authority approvals as well and are being considered safer than the traditional ones. Google is expected to join hands with the manufacturers to bring this technology to the roads.

2. Google Taxi Services: Google recently developed a concept of free taxi service and acquired a patent for the same. With this project, Google will be able to bring advertisements into real world.

3. Ariel Internet Service Provision: In the modern day, easy and unconditional access to internet is considered as a human right. Google is hard at work to develop a service which will provide internet services while floating in the air like a balloon.

4. Google Reforms Wearable Computing, Again: Google is coming up with smart lens much like the Google Glass. We recently wrote about this in a separate article. But this innovation deserves recognition here as well.

5. Google races to the Moon: Google is offering $40 million for the company, organization, group, institution or individual to land on the moon. The project is called Lunar X Prize rewards.

6. Google Goes Green: Google has switched to wind farms as power source for their mighty data centers.

7. Commercial Flights (to the space!): The vision is similar to that of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Google announced previously that they are looking to develop technology to take people and payloads into space.

8. Google Healthcare: Google formed a subsidiary, Calico, which will be concerned about health and personal well-being.

9. Google Fiber Service: Google’s fiber service is up and running in Kansas City and the service it is growing rapidly.

10. Google’s attachment to Robotics: Google has acquired 10 robotics and artificial intelligence companies in the past year alone including the artificial intelligence giant DeepMind and military robotics firm Boston Dynamics that was previously heavily funded by DARPA. One might wonder what google is up to. Google’s Sebastian Thrun has a special attachment to robotics and artificial intelligence. We are not sure what google is about to bring forward but we can say for sure it is going to be exciting.

Written by Zabeel Bashir
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