NTC committed to improve the quality of technology education

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NTC held its 6th meeting on October 28 2020 where it reviewed the ongoing projects under its supervision. The members of NTC highlighted that the body is committed to working for the betterment of engineering technologies and improving the overall standards of technology education and curriculum in the light of prevalent challenges.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of NTC, Imtiaz Gilani who applauded NTC’s initiative while stating its commitment to improving the quality of technical education in Pakistan. The meeting held at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was also attended by Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri through a video call. Newly appointed members, like the Vice Chairman Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, also attended the meeting.

Chairman NTC said that the significant issues of engineering technologists needing immediate attention include approval of their service structure. “The service structure needs to be based on a vertical growth, opportunities to compete for research, and technologically oriented positions in the country, including entrepreneurship in technologies relevant domains.”

The NTC meeting participants appreciated HEC’s initiative for the announcement of 200 scholarships for technologists. They took important decisions about streamlining academic and governance activities at NTC. A committee was constituted to make the technology education in line with the HEC’s Undergraduate Education Policy 2020.

It was also decided to recommend the inclusion of one representative of technologist associations as the Council Member. “If the associations fail to recommend one person and give more than one name, the Chairman NTC may appoint the most competent and well-versed nominee as Member.”

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