NUST gets approval for science & technology park from PPPA

By Faisal Saeed on
May 29, 2019
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National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has secured the approval to initiate working on its latest project, which is “National Science & Technology Park” from the Public-Private Partnership Authority’s (PPPA) Board. PPPA granted the approval for the tech park at the first board meeting under the chairmanship of Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms Khusro Bakhtyar.

This multi-billion dollar initiative is aimed at developing the knowledge economy of Pakistan through innovation and growth of hi-tech entities. NSTP will serve as an innovation powerhouse for businesses by boosting the university’s chief strengths and unique position in the global technology market.

The key thematic areas of the technology include automobile technology, education technology, defense technology, finance technology, Agriculture technology, health technology, and smart technology. The university is also planning to increase the number, scope, and breadth of these technology areas in the coming years. NUST universities support innovations by organizing hackathons, open house events for tech projects and global accelerator programs to support train and support Pakistani startups for the global tech market.

NSTP is the first Science and Technology Park (STP) in Pakistan. NUST university with its well-established ecosystem to support innovation, technology transfer and commercialization is the most suitable place for a technology park like this. NSTP has also revealed its logo, which is visible on the NUST and NSTP websites and their social media pages.

The logo displays the goal of NSTP which is to create the first innovation and technological hub in Pakistan to build the gap between academia and the Sci-tech industry. This platform will also serve as a hub of innovation, a new national tech-pad where entrepreneurs and organizations with great ideas can come together to discover, collaborate and build new instruments of technology.

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