OnePlus One bursts into flames

By Muneeb Ahmad on
August 26, 2016
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An Indian user’s OnePlus One burst into flames and the battery exploded while on charge.

The user from Chandigarh was sleeping beside the smartphone. The smartphone was ruined completely as the horrendous explosion occurred. The user contacted the official OnePlus service center with the defected smartphone. OnePlus officials responded that the smartphone will be replaced.

The user, Gosain, claimed that although the company official resolved to get back to him within a working day, the day lapsed and he wasn’t contacted.

Gosain is firm that he won’t let the matter go off so easily. Although he has been offered a OnePlus One 3, he has made a counter demand of monetary refund and an iPhone.

There have been various cases on explosion of smartphones. Mostly a smartphone explodes during the charging. Some cases of explosion also have faced in which smartphones exploded while on an international call (a.k.a Call Bombing).

Source —Digit

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