Online shopping legislation and consumer protection laws incoming

Written by Talha Ikram ·  49 sec read >

All of us have been scammed at least once in our lives while shopping online. E-commerce in Pakistan has received a huge boom in the past few years but that also means that people exploiting this have also increased.

Everyone saw the video that was going around on Facebook about a week ago where some kids who had pinned all their hopes of vlogging on a package from Daraz. Yet their hopes were crushed by a scammer who sent an empty box instead of their drone.

Daraz took note of that immediately but it seems that even the government has realized the state of Pakistani E-commerce. According to the Principal Staff Officer to Interior Minister, Rafique Ahmed Khokar, the government is working on introducing laws that guarantee consumer protection on a national level and also bring online shopping under the legislation.

This is a much-needed step for Pakistan as most of the online shopping websites offer a different array of rules for warrantees and reclaims. Central legislation could provide a standard that would have to be followed by all E-commerce websites to ensure customer protection.

The E-commerce industry in Pakistan is flourishing and there needs to be some sort of regulation by the government with consultation from major E-commerce platforms to ensure that the industry is not plagued by such issues in the future.

Image Source: courtingthelaw