Online shopping legislation and consumer protection laws incoming

All of us have been scammed at least once in our lives while shopping online. E-commerce in Pakistan has...

Oct 14 ·>

The CNBC-endorsed crypto exchange pulls exit scam on its over 200,000 users

An Ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsane, which was also endorsed by a mainstream media outlet, has just vanished in what...

Jun 28 ·>

So, Xiaomi lied about the transparent back on the Mi 8 Explorer

The Mi 8 Explorer edition’s see-through back was dubbed as a trendsetter when it launched. It’s not every day...

Jul 31 ·>

Indian police involved in $75 million cryptocurrency scam

An Indian police official is currently under investigation in Mumbai for being an accomplice in a cryptocurrency scam amounting...

Jun 7 ·>

1 out of every 5 ICOs is a scam, WSJ research reveals

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the method used for raising funds for a new crypto venture are most likely to...

May 19 ·>

Crypto Scam Alert: The company that raised $660M in ICO just vanished

A crypto startup by the name of “Modern Tech” has gone dark after duping 32,000 people of an estimated...

Apr 11 ·>

This crypto startup vanished and replaced its website content with word ‘penis’

Prodeum is the latest cryptocurrency company to pull an exit scam. The companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and ICOs are...

Jan 30 ·>

A cryptocurrency scam worth $375,000 uncovered

The boom of bitcoin might make investing in cryptocurrency sound like an amazing idea. Any sane person would love...

Nov 24 ·>
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