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NIE successfully develops Pakistan’s first E-voting machine

The National Institute of Electronics (NIE) finally carried out successful testing of Pakistan’s first E-voting machine. The Federal Minister...

Feb 23 · 42 sec read >

When hackers get hacked. China hijacked and used an American hacking tool for years

A security firm, Check point has uncovered evidence that a Chinese group of hackers called APT31 was successful in...

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Feb 23 · 48 sec read >

Google finally adds iOS’s privacy labels to Gmail

In 2020, Apple had announced that iOS 14 would be more focused on user privacy and transparency around iOS...

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Fact checking Waqar Zaka’s claim that Pakistan missed its chance to pay off its debt with Bitcoins

In the wake of the cryptocurrency boom, Waqar Zaka emerged as a cryptocurrency advocate and began using his social...

Feb 23 · 2 min read >

PTCL’s Flash Fiber said to deliver the fastest internet presently

PTCL has recently launched its Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) service called Flash Fiber which is claimed to be currently the ‘fastest...

Feb 23 · 56 sec read >

Samsung and LG will be providing displays for upcoming foldable iPhones

Since 2017, there have been numerous rumors regarding a foldable iPhone. However, according to Omidia, global communications, and digital...

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Spotify set to launch its services in Pakistan in a few days and more

In a recent tweet by Spotify, the music streaming giant announced that it will be launching its services in...

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Gilgit Baltistan free of COVID-19 with zero new cases reported

Gilgit’s home secretary claimed on Saturday that the province is officially “free of COVID-19 cases” while sharing the city’s...

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Feb 22 · 44 sec read >

PITB launches the “RCC Mobile App” in collaboration with the Punjab emergency service

As per a recent announcement, PITB launched a new app called “RCC mobile app” in an inauguration ceremony held...

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Feb 22 · 44 sec read > – Helping you Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties on the Go

The buying and selling of a property is a life-altering transaction. Similarly, renting the perfect house includes affordable options,...

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Careem to become a digital Ad platform, offering additional incentives for Captains

Tuesday, February 23, 2020 – Careem, the Super App for the greater Middle East and Pakistan, has announced to...

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Feb 22 · 1 min read >

Payoneer Collaborates with Enablers strengthening the digital ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Lahore, 19th Feb 2020 – Payoneer and Enablers joined hands to collaborate and boost entrepreneurship in Pakistan in a...

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Feb 22 · 1 min read >
payoneer card in pakistan

YouTube blocks chess channel after mistaking ‘black v white’ discussion for racism

YouTube’s AI algorithm developed specifically for flagging racist content ended up committing an embarrassing gaffe as it blocked the...

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Feb 22 · 1 min read >