Pakistan can save Rs. 109 billion every year through electric cars: Ministry

By Faisal Saeed on
June 19, 2019
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Electric cars can help Pakistan save Rs. 109 billion every year. This was revealed in the Electric Vehicle Policy (EVP) draft created by the Ministry for Climate change on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The draft claims that Pakistan’s economy can reap great benefits if we start using electric cars in the country.

The climate ministry has also written in the draft that one of the major benefits of electric cars is that they are fuel-efficient. With fuel-efficient cars, the fuel consumption in Pakistan will decrease which will in-turn reduce the fuel import bill and will help to strengthen the country’s economy and bring stability in the balance of payments.

The draft reveals that the estimated amount of expenses which Pakistan can save from using electric cars and saving fuel is at 54.5 billion rupees per year. The draft also aims to enhance the number of Electric Cars (ECs) being sold in Pakistan and to boost it to 90% by 2040.

The draft regarding the electric vehicle policy created by the ministry has also set up several targets to reduce the usage of fuel in Pakistan. These targets include the sale of 100,000 electric cars, vans, jeeps and small trucks in the next five years. Furthermore, the ministry also aims to increase the number of electric cars sold in Pakistan to 60,000 per year by 2030.

The PTI government under the leadership of Imran Khan is making efforts to bring electric cars in Pakistan. PM Khan last month chaired a meeting where he discussed the possible entry of electric cars in the Pakistani market. Moreover, he ordered the concerned authorities to prepare the required strategy for a possible set-up of an electric plant.

With the increased pollution in the country, bringing electric cars would help bring a great change in the economy and the atmosphere in Pakistan. Bringing electric cars in Pakistan would be a difficult task considering the current infrastructure, but it is good news that someone is finally taking a step in this direction.

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