Pakistan pushes for the use of modern tech to boost UN peacekeeping efforts

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Pakistan made an emphatic statement on the global stage by calling for an advanced and tech-focused approach to the United Nations’ peacekeeping operations. 

As reported by APP, Ambassador Munir Akram submitted a written statement to the UN Security Council in which he stressed the need for modern technology for the purpose of boosting the efforts of peacekeepers around the world. 

From fulfilling the basic needs of peacekeepers such as access to water, energy and health to improving mobility, communications and camp security, technology could make peacekeeping safer, secure and hence more effective,” Akram stated. 

Commenting on the global coronavirus pandemic, the Pakistani envoy explained that there was a clear need for designing peacekeeping-specific technology that would enable the protection of peacekeepers as well as keep the local population safe and secure. 

A greater focus should also be on technological solutions that could strengthen camp security, convoy protection and peace building capabilities of peace operations,” he said. 

Pakistan has been playing an important role in UN peacekeeping missions ever since the 1960s. It has contributed a grand total of 200,000 troops to 43 operations so far. 

With regard to the threat posed by mines and Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the Pakistani envoy called for accelerating introduction of counter IED technologies such as mine resistant vehicles, IED jammers and ground penetrating radars. 

Akram also took the opportunity to re-affirm Pakistan’s commitment to fulfilling eco-friendly initiatives. 

My own country’s experience shows that nature-based solutions to environmental challenges can create jobs, promote ecosystem-based adaptation and support economic recovery in the face of COVID-19 pandemic,” Ambassador Akram said. 

The envoy noted that responsible use of technology was essential, because the use of technology should always respect the sovereignty of nations and should be developed in an inclusive way. 

Written by Hamza Zakir
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