Pakistan’s 3G/4G subscribers crossed 49 million, PTA

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Pakistan Telecom Sector

Back in December last year, Pakistan had over 47 million 3G/4G subscribers. Now as per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s latest update in the figures, the reach has crossed even 49 million subscribers – specifically of 49,464,474 at the time of the writing.

This highlights the fact that the internet in Pakistan is growing rapidly. Not only the 3G/4G subscribers have increased in number but the other services like broadband, telephone and cellular network has also added the number of users in their sum.

The stats reveal that the country has now almost 146 million cellular subscribers, 3 million basic telephony subscribers, and 52 million broadband subscribers. It is noteworthy that the cellular user’s reach was reportedly at 144.52 million, back in December 2017.

We previously reported that Zong had the most 4G users in 2017, claiming 70% of the 4G market share in the country. However, if just the 3G is concerned then Jazz is at the top spot followed by Telenor, Zong, and Ufone.

Coming to the number of users, Jazz still surpasses every other telecom in Pakistan, with reportedly 54.03 million of total users. Telenor secures the second position with 42.11 million subscribers, Zong at third with 30.53 million users and finally Ufone with 19.30 million users.

Apparently, all four of the network services have grown further as compared to their last year’s stats. As Jazz had formerly 53.5 million users, Telenor Pakistan 41.2 million, Zong 29.8 million and Ufone 18.8 million. One of the reasons for Ufone getting the last position could be it being the only service provider not having the license to 4G technology in Pakistan.

Anyhow, we will keep you updated with the stats. For more on telecom, keep following TechJuice.

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