Pakistan’s first public Cloud Data Centre to be established in Karachi

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Inbox Business Technologies and National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), earlier today, have agreed to collaborate and build Pakistan’s first public Cloud Data Centre for Pakistan.

A contract was signed by the two corporations earlier today which has initiated the formal proceedings for the building of their first public Cloud Data Centre.

With an objective to provide infrastructure and IT services to public and enterprise sector organisations in Pakistan, this Data Centre will deliver enterprise-class control, agility, scalability and security.

Next generation Cloud services, starting from Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) to everything as a service (XAAS) would become possible for Pakistani clientele through this public Cloud Data Centre.

Inbox Business Technologies will act as an IT partner company to assist NTC in offering the services of this public Cloud Platform. The customers would now have to access Inbox Business Technologies for any of their cloud infrastructure need. This IT house will also be providing managed services, colocation, networking and support for advanced hybrid scenarios relating to this Cloud Data Centre.

These facilities will also be backed by industry-leading vendors such as Huawei and Vmware. Huawei has already shown its commitment to resolving the cloud computing needs of Pakistani people by setting up an IT roadshow.

Inbox Business Technologies is one of the largest IT companies in Pakistan. It has a nationwide reach in over 70 cities which will help in making this first cloud facility accessible to the customers across Pakistan.

A data centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunication and storage systems. This cloud data centre will be a physical setup with such gadgetry and components so as to provide the facilities catering to growing cloud computing needs of Pakistani population.

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