Pakistan’s IT Ministry joins hand with Huawei at MWC

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Pakistan is getting more digitized each day. From the tech-based school projects to a national firewall, the government seems not holding back. Recently, it’s been reported that at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Pakistan’s Ministry of IT and Telecom through Universal Service Fund (USF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the well-known telecom equipment company, Huawei.

MoU is an agreement between parties indicating a common goal. Through this memorandum, the ministry wants to co-operate with Huawei via USF programs to further develop the program designing, training and sharing successful experiences with regard to broadband services, vertical public services, and intelligent digital platforms. The ministry hopes for Huawei to contribute towards the growth of information and communication technology in the country.

On Tuesday, Asif Kamal – Chief Technology Officer USF, signed the MoU with Huawei representatives. The Minister of IT & Telecom, Anusha Rehman was also presented at the time of the signing.

The minister said on the occasion that Huawei will provide the requisite expertise to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication through USF to help develop the National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services execution strategy and to support the Joint Innovation Center (JIC) for empowering women, benefiting from the USF ‘ICTs for Girls’ program.

Speaking of which, she also showed her support and encouragement for the top three best-performing graduates. She stated that this will make sure that the top performer girls from the lower strata of the society will carry on pursuing technology-based empowerment.

Anusha Rehman added that the partnership of Huawei will further intensify the effectiveness of the projects and will prove helpful in the socio-economic development of the people of Pakistan in long terms.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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