Plan9 Launchpad 11: Meet the 10 shortlisted startups

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Plan9, the PITB-run startup incubator, has shortlisted 10 startups for its upcoming incubation cycle as the Launchpad11 concludes.

The startup incubation and mentorship program run by Pakistan’s Information Technology Board has shortlisted 10 startups after its flagship startup pitching competition ended yesterday. Widely known as the Launchpad, the event started on 25th January and continued for four days during which different startups from all across Pakistan competed for a spot at the government’s very own incubator.

Given below is a profile on the 10 startups that got selected for the 6-month incubation at Plan9, this time.

  1. Zeus Urban Farms — Zeus Urban Farms is a startup providing hydroponics solution for urban.
  2. JF LABS — JF LABS is basically an agri-tech startup which works on providing drones for monitoring cultivation.
  3. ShipIt — ShipIt is an application modeled to link international-bound travelers that have extra luggage space with people who want any products shipped from other countries.
  4. YOVO — YOVO is a startup that helps companies in communications over different mediums, through the use of IVR and PBX.
  5. Water9 —Water9 is a startup working on water filtering and purification, using ozone radiation and reverse osmosis to eradicate water-borne diseases in fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  6. vSWAT — vSWAT is working on a 4D VR jacket for gamers that provides haptic feedback along with temperature and pressure related feelings.
  7. InovoTech —InovoTech is working on a device that detects the level in water tanks and then controls the water supply saving household users a lot of hassle.
  8. RepairWala — Based on shared economy business model, RepairWala is basically a repairing service that provides service to repair smartphones and laptops at one’s doorstep.
  9. Smart Mirror — Smart Mirror is an LED mirror that wirelessly links with one’s smartphone and then displays notifications like those related to weather, messages, social media and emails.
  10. ReArts — ReArts is a platform for booking and managing performance artists for different evens.

More information about the happening of the event could be found at Plan9’s Facebook or Twitter handle.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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