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Popular AI Photo App Lensa is Storing Your Face Data

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  51 sec read >
Lensa face data
Gaining popularity amongst celebrities all over the world, the Lensa App is actually known to have privacy policies that lets them store photos for face data

Over the last few days, the internet is filled with people and even celebrities posting AI edited images using the Lensa App.

Lensa which creates AI generated avatars using it’s Magic Avatar feature is also storing data from each selfie that the user captures.

This fact is proven by Lensa privacy and policy terms which states that any image or ‘Face Data’ submitted for creating an AI avatar can be used for by the app and its owners ‘Prisma AI’.

The privacy and policy terms of Lensa application also states that the images will be further used to train Lensa’s AI neural networks.

Lensa contains an AI similar to the Dall-E2, a text to image creator that fascinated millions around the world.

Being highly advanced, Dall-E2’s neural network has the capability to understand text instructions and form images around them. Inorder to train the Dall-E2, creators used hundreds and millions of photos.

Lensa’s AI works on a similar basis and it seems like that Lensa’s primary AI is learning how to portray faces accurately by using user images as input.

Priced at $3.99 per year, the app is available for purchase at both the Google and Apple play store.


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