PTCL Now has Presence in Europe

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has made an announcement regarding its entry into the European market. The company entered the European market through the partnership with Sparkle with whom it has had good tidings for a long time now. The entry into Europe will heavily leverage on Sparkle’s open ecosystem and rich marketplace at the Sicily Hub in Palermo.

Already, Sparkle, which is the international service arm of TIM Group, is ranked among the 10 best global operators.

The PTCL would be able to channelize the capabilities made possible by the Sicily Hub with the focus being on accessing international content and partnering with other media and CDN service providers that are already using Sicily Hub. The Sicily Hub is still the closest European open ecosystem to the MENA Region and it improves on the latency while improving the efficiency of the network as a whole especially to network operators who have a focus on expanding their presence in the European market.

PTCL would be able to improve the quality of its services through providing content that is both bandwidth-intensive and on-demand. Its users will thus have better data experience when using PTCL services.

The Sicily Hub is a major player in the telecom industry and will keep attracting global players from different parts of the world. Its activities foster new interconnections and content with the result that the Hub becomes a rich marketplace where content and media players, content providers, system integrators and other parties can grow their operations from.

With its presence in the European market and in particular at Sicily Hub, the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited would be able to enjoy additional efficiency such as better control over IP traffic flows and routing. The positioning of Sicily Hub in Palermo is also an advantage the PTCL will enjoy given that it would be providing additional access to its IMEWE and SMW4 cable systems.

It is thus a wise step taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited in partnering with the Sicily Hub since its services and how it delivers them will become better by the day.