PTCL to launch a new TVC ‘Baara Athaara’ to increase awareness about its helpline

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For any organization, customer support is an important department whose sole purpose is to serve the customers and help with their complaints and issues. Internationally, the customer-centric approach of organizations has helped them win hearts of their customers, making them more loyal and brand ambassadors on the internet. In Pakistan, we are slowly getting there.

PTCL as the top internet service provider in Pakistan is now doubling down on its efforts to increase awareness about their customer support service. For that matter, PTCL is soon releasing a new TVC to highlight its customer helpline — 1218, dubbed as ‘Baara Athaara’ in Urdu. Personally, the Urdu spin-off looks very catchy and can become the identity of their customer service initiative.

1218 can also be used to place orders for any landline, broadband, Smart TV or internet bundle packages.

Wherever you go on the internet, you will find a lot of people complaining about their internet service providers. But not a lot of people have a clue on how to get their issues resolved. Hence wasting their time.

What can 1218 be used for?

1218, pronounced as ‘Baara Athaara’, is the complaint registration number for PTCL. It can be used by customers to register complaints regarding bill payment, incorrect bill amount calculation, connection issues and other service issues.

Apart from registering complaints, 1218 can also be used to place orders for any landline, broadband, Smart TV or internet bundle packages.

PTCL already has customer service handle on Twitter which is very active with the customer complaints and has been the center of many witty exchanges with different brands.

The need for a TVC

The first impression of anyone reading about the new TVC would be that why is there a need for PTCL to educate customers about their own helpline? This is part of a new direction taken by PTCL management to increase customer interaction, customer satisfaction and improve their services as a result of customer feedback.

Using this helpline, customers will be able to get timely solution to any issue that they face. This will save them the hassle of trying to contact their local lineman or exchange person and asking them, again and again, to tend to their complaints.

Upon registering a complaint on 1218, users will be provided with a complaint number which can be used to track the progress later on. This spares customers from having to register the same complaint again and again.

The new TVC will soon start airing on major television networks and will highlight the use of the word ‘Baara Atharaa’ to strongly establish the number in the minds of the customers. The establishment of ‘Baara Atharaa’ as the identity of PTCL’s customer care would help increase engagement of customers with PTCL management and thus result in a better experience for consumers all around.