PTCL & Nayatel had an epic Twitter battle & people are loving it!

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Pakistan is currently facing extreme political unrest all which started due to the infamous Panama Leaks. Just last week when Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as Prime Minister, a series of events have gradually unfolded before the public. Earlier this week, Ms. Ayesha Gulalai came forth with some serious allegations against Imran Khan for sending her lewd messages. Ms. Gulalai said in a press conference that she is leaving PTI because the party environment isn’t conducive for women. While her allegations are still to be proven correct, people have turned on Ms. Gulalai, dragging her on social media which only proves how far we have to go to become a tolerant society.

However, one of the tweets mocking Ms. Gulalai also had another target – PTCL.

While Ms. Gualali did not respond, PTCL tried to hit a comeback.


God bless this person who dragged in Nayatel for a Twitter battle for the ages!

Ooooh, burn!

Nayatel did not shy away from making a humble brag.

Marketing 101.

Okay, points to PTCL for coming up with a good comeback.

Punny, much?

Nayatel had a short-lived mic drop moment.

Wah, wah!

Until this guy came up with the ultimate burn.

PTCL ended up having the last say.

Where art thou, Nayatel?

Who do you think won this round of Twitter battle?

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