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Punjab Information Technology Board to facilitate IT census across Pakistan

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Punjab Information Technology Board(PITB) has vowed to facilitate an IT census across Pakistan by acting as a funding body for financing and oversight. The announcement was made at the recently organized PITB round table conference where a new IT policy for province Punjab was put forth for feedback and suggestions.

Presiding the round table and speaking to over 120 technology leaders from Punjab and across Pakistan, Chairman PITB Dr. Umar Saif mentioned the need to calculate and organize data related to technology industry.

“The IT industry needs to organise itself like other industries, as this holds the key for systematic disbursement of incentives to any industry and to also demonstrate that these incentives have been well-deserved.” said Dr. Umar.

The census is expected to be a stepping stone for introducing reforms in the startup, business, entrepreneurship and overall technology industry. The insights gathered will also give a strong reason to the digital and tech advocates to demand reforms and incentives.

The census will identify number and types of IT firms in Pakistan, workforce employed and revenue generated and other key factors related to technology.

Commenting on the announcement, a few participants stressed that the initiative is important and indispensable; without it, no progress can be made.

The census will be done in partnership with Pakistan Software Houses Association(P@SHA) and would be executed by a reputed 3rd party survey firm. An IT Census Committee was also announced at the occasion, which would act as the oversight body for the census and nominations were solicited for the same.

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