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Punjab IT Board Develops 500+ Websites for Different Government Departments

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Punjab IT Board develops 500 websites
The Punjab IT Board developed 508 websites in total, 490 of these websites are in English while 18 are made in the Urdu language

The IT Board of Punjab has developed over 500 websites for various Punjab government departments. PITB Chairman Syed Bilal Haider today revealed the news and details about the websites.

Out of the total 508 developed websites, 490 are in English while 18 are made in the Urdu language.

With the goal to increase transparency, facilitation and efficiency, PITB has developed these sites to cater government requirements.

Apart from making government processes easier, these sites are made to be fast. Punjab IT Board chairman, Syed Bilal Haider noted that these sites are designed to offer better optimization, increased performance and responsiveness.

Apart from developing a large number of sites, PITB is also assisting different government departments with other technology related tasks such as strategy, design and consultation.

The top 10 featured websites out of these 500+ websites includes CPEC, Web 3.0, SMU, CM Inspection Team, PESSI, Punjab Portal, Punjab Examination Commission, Lahore High Court, Punjab Police, Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab Information Technology Board, Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority, Finance Department and Chief Minister Punjab.

According to PITB, these 10 websites alone were able to gather over 8.5 billing hits.

Currently PITB is also training members of the respective departments to upload, publish and manage content on their websites.


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