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Reforge Partners launched with the aim of helping startup founders grow

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  1 min read >

The folks at Reforge have officially launched a new initiative called Reforge Partners, which aims to find five startup founders from around the world with whom it will work to transform their products into great companies and accelerate their growth. Applications for the fall batch are open till 30th September. To find out more about this initiative, head over here.

Reforge is an organization that offers Career Accelerator Programs created by some of the best leaders in the tech world for its applicants. Career Accelerator Programs allow experienced tech professionals to learn actionable frameworks and proven systems from top executives, connect with a global network of like-minded peers, explore real-world case studies, and interact with mentors from top companies.

With the Reforge Partners initiative, Reforge is now looking forward to helping founders break through and transform their products into revolutionary companies. After all, even if you have a product-market fit, it still takes an immense amount of time and effort to build a sustainable growth strategy to thrive over the long term. This is what Reforge Partners plans to do for its applicants.

In its initial cohort, it will be accepting five startups from around the world and connecting them with some of the best growth operators in the world. Instead of drive-by text messages and one-off introductions, it will allow its applicants to connect on a deeper level with the mentors and benefit from their time and experience, as well as their investment capital and existing networks.

The program will start off with a 4-week Pillars sprint on strategy, metrics, and team building in order to establish a common foundation and action plan. After that, for the rest of the year, selected startups will work with a lead advisor, other partners, and their cohort to evaluate strategy, business changes, and progress on a monthly basis.

This is an exciting opportunity for established startup founders who would love to avail the resources and talent available at Reforge. If this sounds like a great fit for you, apply here.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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