Report claims Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 10 on August 7

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

The recent report by CNET claims that Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 10 in New York’s Barclays center on 7th of August, the same venue used for the launch of its predecessor — Galaxy Note 9.

The Note line-up is Samsung’s most premium smartphone line-up offering the highest specification with the best tech the company has to offer. Rumors suggest that Samsung will be releasing two variants of Note 10 this year. One will be the standard Note 10 while the other will have 5G technology. There was also a rumor earlier about another variant of Note 10 called Note 10 Lite which would have a slightly smaller price tag compared to the expensive Note 10 and Note 10 5G.

There is still a lot of skepticism about this particular leak but one leak that is certain is the departure of the headphone jack from the Note line-up. While Samsung has long been a staunch supporter for the archaic headphone jack, it seems that time has finally come for the Samsung fans to bid adieu the 3.5 mm tech-spectacle.

Furthermore, recent leaks from @Onleaks confirm that the latest iteration of the Note line-up will have a punch-hole display at the center instead of top-right and will feature a quad-core vertical camera-setup instead of the traditional horizontal set-up. The leak further suggests that the upcoming Note (5G) will have a larger 6.75-inch display while the smaller one will have a 6.3-inch display.

The current air of uncertainty around Huawei has created a vacuum in the smartphone market especially in non-US markets. So the launch of Samsung’s most premium phone may be ideal as a lot of Huawei fans who were waiting for Mate 30’s launch may change their mind and switch to Samsung’s Note line-up considering the recent ban on Huawei. In any case, things seem ideal for the South Korean giant as its most formidable opponent is currently fighting hard to survive in the market.