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One of the main criteria that every buyer online checks before checking out a product is customer reviews. The success of the product is closely linked with the number of positive reviews it has received because that essentially determines the popularity of the product with the people. The luxury of traditional shopping may not be provided online where you can see the product up front but through moderated customer reviews, one can easily make the right decision.

According to recent statistics, around 80% of people have stopped doing business with a particular online retailer if the customer experience is not good enough. And it’s not just about customer experience, people want their opinions regarding the product to be heard and this is demonstrated by the fact that 30% of people post their reviews online.

With regards to Daraz, there are two robust systems in place for ensuring customer satisfaction. One is the Product Reviews which will ensure and take into account product-centric checkpoints, whereas, the second one is Seller Reviews which are centered towards the popularity of the seller who has posted the product on Daraz.

Daraz Product Review Highlights TechJuiceProduct Review Highlights

Product Reviews are visible on all item pages across Daraz right below the product details section where at first you will be shown the overall product rating and on the right side, you can see how many stars the product has received individually from all customers. To make sure that the reviewer is authentic, each customer has a “Verified Purchase” badge on his/her review post on the product page.

Considering some products would have a lot of reviews, there is also a sorting and filtering feature through which you can identify reviews which you prefer to see first.


Seller Review HighlightsDaraz Seller Review Highlights TechJuice

A credible seller is determined by the Seller Rating on Daraz and this can essentially make or break you if you are retailing products as well. People judge the quality of the product not only based on its reviews but the company selling it. In essence, your company’s reputation on Daraz is determined by the feedback of your previous customers.

For the Seller’s Rating, we have 3 simple options to choose from: Positive, Neutral and Negative. If you are feeling up to it, you can also write a short review regarding the seller’s service and quality of products provided by the company for other customers information. Additionally, customers will also be able to interact with the sellers directly for better clarity.

How To Review Product?Daraz How To Review Product TechJuice

Follow the simple steps to provide Reviews

  1. Go to your “Account” Page and select the “My Reviews” section.
  2. Over there you will see a list of products that you have purchased through Daraz.
  3. Select one through the “Review” button and it will direct you to the dedicated Review page where you can rate both the product and the seller at the same time.
  4. For rating the product, we have 1 to 5 stars where 1 is the lowest. For sellers, we have Negative, Neutral and Positive emojis based on your experience with the service of the product.
  5. There are also small text boxes below where you can detail your experience with the product and seller as well.

The E-Commerce industry in Pakistan stood at a staggering Rs. 99.3 billion in FY18 with more than Rs. 40 billion purchases occurring online. Due to high customer satisfaction, more and more people are ditching traditional shopping towards online purchase of goods. In the coming future, reviews will be more important than anything else to determine the success of a product online.

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