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Samsung begins mass production of a dedicated processor for Internet of Things

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Samsung HQ

Samsung announced that is has started mass production of a processor that it designed especially for Internet of Things (IoT).

The Exynos branded processor i T200 was designed by Samsung using 28nm process. It is basically a low-power High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) chip that comes with in-built WiFi connectivity for better suitability in IoT usages. To cater the security issues which plague the deployment of IoT devices, the device will feature a dedicated hardware block. The block called security sub-system will do the necessary security management tasks for the device. Important tasks like password keeping and data backups will be managed by this block.

While introducing the chip, the Vice President System LSI marketing at Samsung Mr. Ben Hur, said, “The Exynos i T200 is an IoT solution optimised to deliver both the performance and security demanded in the IoT market.”

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The multi-core chip will have a Cortex R4 processor along with a Cortex M0+ processor. The two processor make sure that the chip is capable of doing two tasks independently. The main processor Cortex R4 will be used for the main tasks while the Cortex M0+ will be an additional processor for other minimal tasks. The WiFi capability which the chip packs follows 802.11b/g/n standard and is single-band (2.4GHz) compatible. Samsung has also made the processor to comply with IoT standard as outlined with the Open Connectivity Foundation.

The tech giants from around the world have now begun to focus on IoT domain greatly because the presence of IoT devices in our societies is bound to grow exponentially. Daily household appliances and products will all become small computers, linked to internet in order to autonomously perform their tasks as required.

Source — Samsung Newsroom

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