Samsung gifted 200 free Galaxy Note 8 units to passengers on a plane

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Samsung Spain-free-note-8

Well, events like this do not happen often. Samsung actually gave away 200 free Galaxy Note 8 units to passengers on a flight in Spain.

On a late night flight from La Coruña to Madrid, passengers were surely not expecting that they will be getting a gift from Samsung, worth more than the ticket. Samsung’s reputation took a hit last year when the Galaxy Note 7 units started to catch fire and they were banned from all airlines. Samsung decided to remind people that it was unfortunate and the Galaxy Note 8 is totally safe to carry on a plane.

There were 200 passengers on the plane and Samsung gave away a free Galaxy Note 8 to each one of them. The box carried the following text: “A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board”.

Here’s a short video clip from the plain:

Of course, all of the passengers were very happy because of the surprise gift and they started taking selfies with their new phone. Here’s what Samsung Spain tweeted after giving away free gifts:


And here is a video posted by Samsung Spain on Facebook:

This is probably the best way to say sorry for the last year’s mishap. Congrats to all the lucky passengers and we know you are all hoping now that you were on that plane. No problem.. Buy Note 8 for yourself today. Check out the updated prices of Samsung smartphones across Pakistan to order online.


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