Samsung to snatch ‘world’s top chipmaker’ crown from Intel

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari · 36 sec read>
Samsung ChipMaker

Korean based tech giant Samsung may decrown world’s top chipmaker Intel in the coming quarter, which has maintained the top position since 1993.

Top US semiconductor market research firm IC insights predicted that if the market price of Samsung chips holds or increase then Samsung can actually displace Intel from its top spot. The firm further predicted that Intel will sell chips worth of $14.4 billion and Samsung will bag $14.6 billion with their sales.


If the prediction of the firm goes well then this would mark a milestone for Samsung and for all the other semiconductors producers competing with Intel. The decrowning of Intel will mark the end of 24 years of supremacy in the field of chip making.

Samsung has attained this position due to the rise of the sale of memory chips made by the company.

The research firm also predicted that if the price of chips made by Samsung does not dip, then Korean tech company can actually beat Intel in a full-year semiconductors sale.

Image source: IC insights