SavahApp: The Ultimate Design Collaboration Tool

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If you are fed up of the communication gap between you and your client when it comes to a new design work, SavahApp is the ultimate painkiller for you. It is essentially a design collaboration tool that takes the headache away from design teams by forming prototypes that can easily be shared with the client who can then give his feedback.

Many teams today complain of a lack of proper communication between the client and the agency which results in unnecessary time delays and inefficient workflows. With SavahApp, back-and-forth emails, face-to-face or Skype meetings will become un-necessary. This will save the designers a lot of headache and enable them to concentrate on what they do best – design – and not lose focus in the barrage of suggestions the client is giving.

Through prototyping, all the user-feedback will be assimilated in one place. The client can propose changes for the prototype before the final code is written. So the client feedback is brought in at the start of the business process rather at the end which makes the process extremely efficient as it saves both the parties the extra cost that would have resulted if the client was shown the design at the end, who then disapproves of it. Moreover, such prototypes are extremely easy to make as they do not require any coding at all.

Savahapp also allows teams and clients to add annotations and discussion threads on the same scream, thus making collaboration quicker. The best part is that it is free to sign up for and syncs with Dropbox if you need it. So, why not give it a try?

Written by Mehreen Omer
The writer is a digital media scientist and a cultural critic. You can catch her on Twitter @mehreen_omer Profile