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The writer is a digital media scientist and a cultural critic. You can catch her on Twitter @mehreen_omer


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Pakistani Government sniffs user data for law enforcement agencies

The recent Conference on Privacy Rights held in Islamabad on 14th November by Digital Rights Foundation explored the issue...

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Nov 18 · >

SavahApp: The Ultimate Design Collaboration Tool

If you are fed up of the communication gap between you and your client when it comes to a...

Nov 6 · >

How Lettuce Bee Kids is Transforming Digital Literacy for the Unprivileged

By using various resources provided by the Khan Academy, one of the most reliable online academies to provide free-of-cost...

Aug 25 · >

The Obsession with Facebook Likes

What do clients like to see? 1 million Facebook likes with a $100 budget to be used over a...

Aug 12 · >

4 Unknown Uses of Facebook Graph Search

And just when you thought stalking can not get an easier with the invention of social networking, Facebook introduced...

Jun 11 · >

Quirky Taking Social Entrepreneurship to Next Level

Ever wanted to invent something but did not have the resources to back your idea? Ever felt bogged down...

May 27 · >

Free Education in Digital World

Edx Online Talk about taking courses online and that too for free and you would have a bizarre collection...

May 12 · >

What will 3G mobile services do for the E-commerce Industry in Pakistan?

Fast internet, round-the-clock social networking, and supersonic downloading. If these are the benefits that you are looking forward to...

Apr 27 · >