Senate finally approves the Cyber Crime Bill with over 50 amendments

By Muneeb Ahmad on
July 29, 2016
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Today the Senate has given a final nod to the pending approval of the Cyber Crime Bill, recommending, over 50 amendments as well. The bill will now get back to the National Assembly for further discussion on the recommended amendments.

Some amendments which were recommended are as follows.

  1. Convicts will be given 30 days to appeal against the sentence in the high court.
  2. The law will be reviewed twice a year to sort out the problems in its implementation.

Anusha Rahman, the Minister of State for Information Technology, on the occasion, said that the implementation of the Cyber Crime Bill comes under the jurisdiction of Interior Ministry.

Just recently the Cyber Crime Bill was adopted by the Senate Committee on Information and Technology which moved the Bill for discussion into the Senate. The controversial Cyber Crime Bill was approved by the National Assembly a few months back.

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