Seven Indian Embassy websites hacked by a Pakistani Group

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Websites of seven Indian Embassies were hacked and defaced this Wednesday by a group claiming to be in support of Pakistan and pro-Pakistan Army slogans were put up on the hacked websites.

A quite recent cyber attack on the websites of Indian Missions abroad was brought to light after Journalists received an e-mail on the subject matter. Hackers, which referred to themselves as ‘Intruder’ and ‘Romantic’, after the brought-down raised slogans favoring Pakistani Army on the hacked website. although the hackers, as per the e-mail, claimed to target Indian missions in Ankara, Athens, and Mexico City, the websites of Missions in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bucharest, Romania as well as Dushanbe, Tajikistan and South Africa’s Pretoria have also faced the defacing.

The hacked websites showed jarring wordings like “Pakistan Zindabad” and “We Rock and You Shock” during the closure.

A representative from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad declined to comment on the issue.
The websites of the Embassies of Sao Paulo, Ankara, Athens, Bucharest were seemed to be restored, however, the website of Indian Mission at Dushanbe was inaccessible.

It may be noted that there has been a constant tussle between the hackers of Pakistani and Indian origin, who continue to hack the websites of opposing sides. The hacks from one side are followed by counter-attacks from the other sides and the Anonymous Hacker Groups from both sides continue to hack the websites of these states.

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