Some Pixel 2 devices facing issues of high-pitched noises and clicking sounds

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Some Pixel 2 devices facing issues of high-pitched noises and clicking sounds

A couple of days ago we were talking about the screen burn-in problems of Pixel 2 XL and now Pixel 2 has also come forward to show some of its issues too. Two serious issues have been determined in different threads and forum’s discussions. There are quite a few reports of weird noises coming from the Pixel 2 phone.

As reported by Android Police, the Pixel’s user community forum has listed 100 complaints of Google’s smaller phone, Pixel 2. The phone is facing problems in its speakers where the high-pitched noises and clicking sounds are coming.

The problem with speakers has also been faced in some Pixel 2 XL devices but for now, it appears that it is more common in Pixel 2.

Some users have approached Google Support to ask about the solution to the problems and they have found a cure for one disease. You can easily fix clicking sound by simply turning off NFC. There is no mention of fixing high-pitched sounds so this problem still left to be explored.

The issue Pixel 2 XL is facing is also a quite serious one. Screen burn-in problems in devices occur usually after several months or years but in this case its quite alarming if the reports are true.

Google always thinks out of the box and provides the best products that suit the need and lifestyle of consumers. Pixel devices, built in collaboration with HTC have proven to be successful, but it could be a failure if routine problems like these are not properly dealt with.

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