Starting May 2, M-Tag will become mandatory on M-1 and M-2

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National Highway Authority (NHA) has now made it compulsory for all vehicles on M-1 and M-2 to have M-Tag registration starting May 2, 2019. The notification issued on March 5th, states that no vehicle will be allowed to travel without M-Tag registration. While not mentioned in the notification, NHA representative told Pakwheels that M-Tag was also being made compulsory for commuters of M-4.

The decision to make M-Tag registration mandatory comes as the traffic has increased substantially. At times Motorists are forced to wait for hours in long queues before they can enter or exit the Motorway. By making M-Tag compulsory, NHA will be able to curb the increasing traffic. The registration would not only speed up the entire process. but will also make the overall experience more convenient. A fully automated booth would able to process vehicles faster and ensure shorter waiting times.

The government has been pushing for adoption of M-Tag for quite some time. Actions included dedicated lanes for vehicles with M-Tag chips and making it compulsory for commercial vehicles. However, the government would now enforce a uniform policy which will affect all vehicles. Expect the policy to extend to other interchanges in the future.

What is M-Tag

M-Tag is a RFID sticker that is placed on your car windscreen. The idea behind M-Tag is that you can charge it with credit before entering Motorway. When you reach the terminal, you can go to the dedicated lane for vehicles with M-Tag stickers. A scanner will scan the RFID sticker and deduct balance equivalent to the amount you would be charged traditionally. So, in the end, you get a very hassle-free experience.

How to get M-Tag registration

  • Head Over to one of M-Tag’s offices in Babu Sabu or Ravi
  • Make sure you have the required documents: CNIC, car registration, driver’s license
  • Make sure that you have paid all previous E-Tag fines if any.
  • Ensure you have a valid number plate on the car and not an “applied for” sticker.
  • Make an upfront payment of your desired amount

How to Recharge

There are several ways of recharging our credit.

  • Make a transfer from your bank account
  • Make a transfer through easyPaisa ro Jazz Cash
  • Go to one of M-Tag’s office for a recharge

Please note that there is no expiry time for the credit.