Stephen Hawking’s last paper may help scientists discover a parallel universe

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The globally renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking, also famous for his theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, is no longer with us. But this doesn’t mean that his brilliant research work has died along with him, scientists and physicists all around the world will benefit from his exceptional work for the next century.

A recent development in this regard is the appearance of the last paper approved by Stephen Hawking, titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation,” elaborates the ways by which scientists can discover a parallel universe, as reported by The Sunday Times. This is a mathematical paper that sets out to find proof of multiverse theory, which argues that there are many other universes existing alongside our own. His theory suggests the Big Bang that produced our universe was just one of an infinite number of Big Bangs, each producing their own universe.

Thomas Hertog, a professor of theoretical physics at KU Leuven University in Belgium who co-wrote the paper with Hawking says that “this was Stephen: to boldly go where Star Trek fears to tread.” The idea on which this mathematically calculated paper is relying, depicts that a space probe would need to gather evidence regarding the existence of a parallel universe.

According to Thomas Hertog,

“Their goal was to transform the idea of a multiverse into a testable scientific framework. Hawking has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won it. Now he never can.”

The major reason for the Nobel Prize committee for not selecting Hawking for a Nobel peace prize was the fact that even though his theories were scientifically and mathematically sound but they were still unproven. The Nobel Prize committee only gives out its award once a theory has been proven.

Keeping that peace prize aside, Hawking has been a motivation for millions who seek to learn and know more about the universe. And if you want to explore the life of Stephen Hawking in detail, here are some books and biopics that will certainly help you a lot.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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