Huawei Is Aiming To Launch Test Satellites For 6G Verification

Huawei is aiming to launch two satellites together with Chinese companies from the Space exploration section in July 2021...

Apr 27 · >

Amidst Pakistan’s 4G woes, the global fight for 6G has already begun

While most consumers in Pakistan are struggling to get better 4G connectivity, with the plans to introduce 5G technology...

Mar 1 · >

The race for 6G dominance between the U.S and China begins

As numerous companies in the telecom sector are working to make 5G accessible on a massive public and global...

Feb 15 · >

Apple and Google join 6G alliance to avoid repeat of China’s 5G domination

Apple and Google have become the newest members of an industry group working on 6G technology. The group, called...

Nov 18 · >

Huawei is currently working on 6G, according to CEO

Having already made a name for itself as a pioneer of 5G, Huawei already has its eyes set on...

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Sep 27 · >

Nokia, Ericsson and SK Telecom have teamed up to work on 6G

While 5G is primed to have an immense impact on the way we work and stay connected, it is...

Jun 18 · >