US Senator fed up of Big Tech, proposes to ban Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft

US Senator Josh Hawley, a staunch critic of Big Tech, unveiled an antitrust bill on Monday that would ban...

Apr 13 · >

US goes tough on Amazon, retail giant gearing up to defend itself against rising antitrust scrutiny

Amazon is gearing up to defend itself against an uphill battle over the company’s alleged anticompetitive business practices, with...

Apr 5 · >

Mark Zuckerberg urges the government to pass a law that would eliminate all Facebook competition

In written testimony, before his appearance, Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Facebook’s CEO said Congress should consider changing Section...

Mar 29 · >

Tech giants in serious trouble with mounting antitrust lawsuits

In addition to the increasing scrutiny by the US and Australian governments, private lawsuits continue to add to the...

Feb 17 · >

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google abusing market power – US Authorities

On October 7th, the United States’ House of Representatives reached a consensus that the four big names in the...

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Oct 12 · >

US Justice Dept. to interrogate Big Tech companies in antitrust case

The lawmakers have been preparing for this moment, and it’s finally here: on Tuesday, the United States Justice Department...

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Jul 24 · >